Inspired by Sky Sports “Super 6”, Betway.com required a sports application providing both new and existing users the ability to predict four winning teams within four matches, in order to be in with a chance of winning a prize.

My Responsibilities

Competitor Analysis

Image based Prototype

AB Split Testing

Ideation Workshop

Use Case, User flow, and Sitemap

Brand Identity

Low & High fidelity concepts
Four to Score
Betway Sports
Business Requirements
  • Development – User Flow
  • Development – Utilise Umbraco CMS
  • Marketing – Brand Identity
  • Design – Brand style guide (for promotional assets)
  • Compliance – Terms and Conditions link and description
  • Web application accessible on all mobile devices.

Elevation Hierarchy

Four to score has three-dimensional qualities that are reflected in its use of surfaces, depth, and shadows.

Motion Hierarchy

User navigation utilising multi-directional swipe gestures, to help orient users by showing how elements are related to one another.

Discovery Phase

Eight sports betting enthusiasts underwent three iterations of usability testing focusing on the attributes of learnability and efficiency.

There were additional steps required after a user completed their Four to Score journey, so I worked closely with compliance and marketing to ensure we included only the necessary steps.

Business Requirements
  • Questionaire
  • Competitor Reviews
  • Information Architecture
  • Usability Testing
  • low fidelity sketching
  • Brand focused Ideation workshop

Minimal user flow identifying the steps taken to reach their user goal, (stage one of three flows)

A|B Split Testing

Which is more successful?

Key Metric (KPI)

Number of screens accessed during in-app visit.


By introducing multi-directional swipe gestures, and progressively disclosing content, users will be captivated to complete all steps to reach their end goal.


This will be technically feasible utilising the Javascript library ‘React.js’.